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Demographics: 1. Are you male or female? 2. How old are you? Mood Alteration: 1. I feel secure 2. I feel happy 3. I feel happier than before beginning this survey 4. I feel active 5. I feel lazy 6. I like to watch or listen to something funny when I am stressed 7. When I am depressed watching something funny does not make me feel better 8. I don’t feel less anxiety. 9. I want to watch/read this again it was so humorous. 10. Just thinking about this makes me laugh out loud. 11. I don’t want to hear the joke/ or see this again. 12. This was so funny I want to share it with family and friends. 13 I feel more active/ motivated to do my daily activities. 14. My mood is the same.
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Unformatted text preview: 15. Are you talking about it after hearing the joke/ watching the clip? 16. I feel less stressed. 17. I forgot about the things that were causing me stress. 18. I feel more energized. 19. I do not feel sad/depressed. Physical Manifestations: 1. I smiled when I saw this 2. I smiled really big when I saw this 3. I laughed out loud 4. My stomach hurts from laughing. 5. I usually laugh when I think something is funny 6. I smiled so big that my face hurt. 7. I did not smile. 8. I am still smiling as I think about this. 9. I want to share this with family or friends. 10. I never smile. 11. I laugh at everything....
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