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MUSA resume guide - The BYU Marriott School of Management...

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The BYU Marriott School of Management Resume Guide Recommended Principles for Consistent Undergraduate Resume Production Purpose of this Guide The purpose of this guide is to provide you with the information you need to create a high quality business resume. In addition following this guide, we suggest that you get personalized feedback from professionals in your specific area of interest to further improve your resume. Keep in mind that no matter what feedback you get on your resume, you and you alone are responsible for it; you need to own the changes you make. If you are uncomfortable with a suggestion, you probably shouldn't use it. Often, you will receive comments that seem to be in direct opposition to each other, so use what best sells you to your preferred employer. Format The format of your resume should be clean, easy to scan, and not be distracting to the reader. For this reason, BYU’s Marriott School provides a suggested resume format for students. While the Marriott School does not require that you use the suggested format, the MSM undergraduate format reinforces your professionalism and sets you apart as a business school student. You can obtain the Marriott School Undergraduate Resume Template by visiting Your resume should generally not exceed one page. You should use 10-12 pt font depending on the amount of information on your resume. Use an email address with a professional appearance on your header and avoid emails like “[email protected]”. In general, don’t use periods at the end of bulleted items. Also, it is wise to send or upload your resume as a PDF, not as a Word document. Education As a student, your Education section should normally come first on your resume. The Education section is straight-forward. Show your university, major, GPA, and then a list of school awards and activities relating to your education. When you state your degree, say “Bachelor of” and not “Bachelors of.” Bullet points don’t need
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MUSA resume guide - The BYU Marriott School of Management...

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