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LISP_measurement_project_Part B

LISP_measurement_project_Part B - Consulting at the Laser...

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Consulting at the Laser ISP (LISP) Company, Part B, Group Quiz (10 points) Rev: 2/16/11 dd Download the PowerPoint file named LISP_PartB.ppt from Blackboard. In that file, prepare a brief PowerPoint show that your group can present later in class (if selected). At the end of this exercise, you will also be asked to email your presentation to the course email box. Include the names of your group members on the first PowerPoint slide. Assume you have presented your results from Part A of the LISP case to the LISP vice president (VP) of operations. She is impressed by your cost analysis but wants your group to complete a structured analysis of types of problems that lead to helpdesk calls and trouble ticket visits for each installation type. Provide a comparative analysis across the installation approaches in a way that will provide a clear picture of differences across the three installation approaches. Include your answers to the questions below in your group’s PowerPoint show.
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