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BAD-NEWS & PERSUASIVE MESSAGES_1 - Length About 3-5...

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BAD-NEWS LETTER Purpose: To practice writing an effective bad-news letter Length: One page Grading: 20 points Format: Use full-block letter style Create an appropriate letterhead for Southwest Clothing Mills Situation: Assignment number six, p. 74 of WSB--Chapter Activities Produce” Letter One”, the bad news letter to Dave Wheeler PERSUASIVE EMAIL Purpose: To practice writing an effective persuasive email using strong OABC
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Unformatted text preview: Length: About 3-5 paragraphs Grading: 20 points Format: Compose the email in your email program Address it to yourself and send it Use the print feature of your email program to print the email for submission Use OABC and headings (if appropriate) Situation: You may use any situation, real or imaginary. Consider addressing a real problem you face. Feel free to make it interesting!...
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