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BUSINESS ARTICLE Purpose: Write a short and informative article on a current business topic. This assignment will help you learn to locate and comprehend background knowledge, synthesize it with your own ideas, and express your understanding clearly and compellingly. You will gain familiarity with database and internet research techniques, and the design requirements will teach you to format an attractive “magazine article” document. Locate information using current technologies (secondary research) Do background reading to understand the current “conversation” on your topic Take notes and organize data and references Draft a short article for an educated but uninformed reader Follow conventions of quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing Avoid plagiarism by documenting borrowed information Design an attractive layout Grading: 50 points REQUIREMENTS Length: 800-900 words; two-three pages, including a reference list Format: Arrange text in two columns with a banner heading Use a readable business font for the text Use a bold font for the title and headings Single space body text, double space between paragraphs Create and include one graphic, table, or chart that supports your content
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