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Fall2011MCom320Syllabus - Management Communication 320...

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1 Management Communication 320: Writing in Organizational Settings Fall 2011 • Section 6 (9:30 – 10:45) & Section 2 (11:00 – 12:15) 324 TNRB • Tues & Thurs I N S T R U C T O R Lisa Andersen Thomas Phone:801.318.8820 [email protected] Office hours by appointment Welcome to MCom 320! During the semester you’ll improve your ability to create effective professional documents and give oral presentations. This requires you to think, write, and design well. It also requires you to use appropriate technology effectively (word processing, graphics, presentations software, email, social media, etc.). Required Textbooks Writing and Speaking for Business (WSB), Baker Other Requirements Access to computer with word processing and graphics software Access to the Internet and an email account you check daily Learning Outcomes At the conclusion of this course, you should be able to do the following: 1. Compose business text that is clear, effective, and organized, and that complies with generally accepted grammar and usage rules. 2. Create business graphics with effective visual layout and design. 3. Give compelling oral presentations with appropriate visual support. Learning Activities The learning activities employed in this class will include reading the textbook, taking quizzes and exams, writing business-style text, giving oral presentations, viewing and creating slide shows and other visual presentations, participating in class discussions, completing group projects, and critiquing classmates’ business documents. Please keep up with all reading and homework. Learning Assessment Assessment of your learning will be based primarily on actual writing and speaking assignments. The remainder of your grade will come from your completion of additional homework, in-class activities, unannounced quizzes, and exams. Written assignments will be evaluated on design, organization, content, and style (DOCS). Oral assignments will be evaluated on the basis of message, media, and messenger (MMM). Your scores will be posted on Blackboard.
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2 MCOM 320 Syllabus – Professor Lisa Thomas Course and Assignment Schedule I may make changes to the syllabus to fit changing student needs, but I will always let you know if I do. A current, correct syllabus will be kept on Blackboard. Please consult it for deadlines. Date Read Before Class Turn in Today Class Subject Matter Assigned Today 8/29 Orientation, Introductions, writing pretest Skim through textbook including appendix 8/31 WSB Ch 1 Business communication, working in teams, collaborative writing, oral presentation Begin grammar appendix work pg. 159; Begin blog, post blog address 9/5 9/7 Pages. 159-169 Sentence basics overview and quiz 9/12 Pgs. 169-175 Assign Teams; Punctuation 9/14 Pgs. 175-181 Case; agreement & reference 9/19 Pgs. 181-188 Tense; numbers; capitalization Basics Practice Test (Bb) 9/21 Practice Test on Bb (bring results to class to review) Review Practice Test 9/26 WSB Ch 3 Business style, CLOUD paragraphs, readability
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Fall2011MCom320Syllabus - Management Communication 320...

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