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Homework Study Sheet M Com 320 C APITALIZATION Name:_____________________________________ Number Correct:______ Instructions: Indicate the sentence that is correct by circling a, b, c, or d. 1. Which sentence is correct ? a. I will earn my Master of Accountancy degree next year. b. He will finish a degree in Physics and then go to Graduate School. c. With a Master’s Degree in Business, you will have a lot of doors open to you. d. I really think you should consider getting an mba. 2. Which item is incorrect ? a. Delta Airlines announced another round of layoffs today. b. One of the most important reports ever written by the Federal Aviation Administration will be published next week. c. I used to live on Main street before I moved to the Greek quarter. d. “Service,” she explained, “is the hallmark of any truly great corporation.” 3. Which report title is capitalized correctly ? a. An Analysis Of the Most Important Causes Of the Current Economic Crisis b. An Analysis of the most Important Causes of the Current Economic Crisis
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