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Homework Study Sheet M Com 320 C ONNECTIVES Name:_______________________________________ Number Correct:______ Instructions: Indicate the sentence that is correct by circling a, b, c, or d. 1. Which item is incorrect ? a. While you have been slacking off, Maria has carried your workload. b. Where the grass meets the fence, there is a large hole. c. Where he doesn’t seem interested in violin lessons, I think we should save our money. d. When the budget comes in, I want to get together with the team to discuss it. 2. Which item is correct ? a. I’m ordering the food while Lindsey calls all of our friends. b. She’s not just eating the pizza but also cookies. c. I need you to spend a couple of hours looking at the operating manual for our new software and call the registration hotline. d. While I may not have been the best employee, I have certainly worked as hard as anyone else in my department. 3. Which item is incorrect ? a. Neither the owner nor the tenant knew about the gas leak.
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Unformatted text preview: b. The $100 dollar bill was found where I used to play football with my friends. c. While I don’t like jazz music that much, I do enjoy a little big band music. d. Because she contracted polio, she wasn’t able to play with the other children. 4. Which item is correct ? a. I am not only the principal researcher on the project, but author of the paper. b. Either you or I will have to leave. c. Because of finals, the library has neither an open study room or a empty table where we could study. d. He inquired about and commented he enjoyed your lecture. 5. Which item is correct ? a. I was not able to exercise last week whereas I was sick. b. She asked to go to the store and the bank. c. While the manager was happy about the decision, the employees were concerned. d. Jane is both interested in and enthusiastic about learning to play the piano. 1/22/04...
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