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MCom 320 - Modifiers HSS

MCom 320 - Modifiers HSS - Homework Study Sheet M Com 320...

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Homework Study Sheet M Com 320 M ODIFIERS Name:_____________________________________ Number Correct:______ Instructions: Indicate the sentence that is correct by circling a, b, c, or d. 1. Which item is correct ? a. The movie-going population enjoyed the new release. b. The movie going population enjoyed the new release. c. The film was enjoyed by those who are well educated the most. d. Those who patiently-waited in line got in to see the movie. 2. Which item is incorrect ? a. Running the fastest time, the gold medal was awarded to Carl Lewis. b. Where is the professor’s office? c. The following list communicates the job requirements. d. The document is attached to this email. 3. Which of the following is correct ?
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