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MCom 320 - Punctuation HSS

MCom 320 - Punctuation HSS - Homework Study Sheet M Com 320...

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Homework Study Sheet M Com 320 P UNCTUATION Name:______________________________ Number Correct:______ Instructions: For each of the following sentences, mark C (for correct) or I (for incorrect). For all incorrect sentences, fix the problem(s) or indicate specifically what is wrong. 1. C I He told me he couldnt understand why I wasn’t coming to the party, with him. 2. C I One of the things I am most concerned about—is your inability to pay attention in class. 3. C I I told her to do the following things: watch out for dangling modifiers, make sure to use active voice, and present the main idea—the central point of the message—up front. 4. C I You are one of the best employees in this group, still, there are some things I think you could do to improve your performance. 5. C I Please make sure you: do your homework, help your mother and take out the trash before you go out with your “friends”. 6.
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