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MCom 320 Sentence - Homework Study Sheet M Com 320 SENTENCE STRUCTURE NAME N UMBER CORRECT Instructions For the following questions mark A for

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Homework Study Sheet M Com 320 S ENTENCE S TRUCTURE N AME :_____________________________________ N UMBER C ORRECT : ______ Instructions: For the following questions, mark A for simple sentences, B for complex sentences, C for compound sentences, and D for compound-complex sentences. 1. A B C D Because I woke up so early, I will likely take a nap today. 2. A B C D I washed my Jeep this morning, and then I vacuumed the interior during the afternoon. 3. A B C D The musical was superb both musically and theatrically. 4. A B C D Camille Pisarro used rapid brushed strokes when painting, but they were more measured than those of Claude Monet, who finished works relatively fast. 5. A B C D After taking my last final exam, I went to dinner with my wife. 6. A B C D The New York Times is a leading newspaper among BYU students even though it is published on the East Coast. 7. A B C D After he answered questions, the president presented a new plan for reforming Social Security, and he unveiled a new Medicaid program. Instructions:
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