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Homework Study Sheet M Com 320 T ENSE Name:__________________________________ Number Correct:______ Instructions: Indicate the sentence that is correct by circling a, b, c, or d. 1. Which one of the following is an irregular verb? a. Take b. Appreciate c. Streak d. Frame 2. Which one of the following is written in present perfect tense? a. Martha will have been a member of the Church for twelve years next month. b. I had been working on my paper for over an hour. c. Please don’t forget to include references at the end of your issue paper proposal. d. He has taken Math 119 at least three times. 3. Which item is correct ? a. She told him where she was from, but he had seemed not to listen. b. What I hoped to tell you was that I would like to recommend you for a promotion. c. You told me where you were going, but I hadn’t listened very carefully.
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Unformatted text preview: d. Due to your past experience in the claims department, I think you would be an excellent person to head the internal audit committee. 4. Which of the following is incorrect ? a. The book was wrote during the French Revolution. b. I had just shared my feelings about the matter with him when we were interrupted. c. I will have already been transferred by the time you read this letter. d. He stepped forward twice before dribbling the basketball. 5. Which of the following is a regular verb? a. run b. buy c. stop d. think 6. Which of the following sentences is written in future perfect tense? a. I will write you when I get there. b. I had written you by then. c. I will have written you by the time I arrive. d. I promise to write. 1/22/04...
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