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OABC INDUSTRY MEMO ASSIGNMENT Purpose: Write a memo, utilizing OABC structure, which informs me about an industry in which you would like to work following graduation. Length: One page Grading: 30 points Format: Use a readable business font with single spacing Apply HATS principles after reading Ch. 4 Use a personal letterhead Use a standard memo format Use the following memo heading: TO: Professor Lisa A. Thomas FROM: Your Name DATE: (Current) SUBJECT: (The name of the company or industry)
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Unformatted text preview: Situation Write a memo describing an industry in which you might want to work after you graduate. You may take a variety of approaches to writing about the industry: you could write about the career path for a new hire in the industry, or about that industrys fortunes in the current economy, or about the growth potential for a sector in which you are interested. If you have settled on a particular company, you may write solely about that company....
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