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Become PowerPoint Proficient About three-quarters of the way through this semester, you will need to be able to do the following tasks in PowerPoint. If you need some instruction, Google training videos, visit BYU’s OIT’s website (it.byu.edu) and sign up for a free quick course, or take an online tutorial through Lynda.com. Do what you need to in order to be ready to confidently create a PowerPoint presentation by the time we begin the team case analysis project. CREATE SHAPES AND LABELS Open a new PPT document Select a “blank” layout Add three shapes and make them different colors (choose colors in one “theme” for safety!) Make one shape 50% transparent, give one a gradient, and remove the border from the last Move the shapes around randomly, then use various align commands till they look good to you Group the shapes Rotate the grouped shapes Give the grouped shapes a label in a borderless text box Add the label to the group CREATE A RUNNING AGENDA
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