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Unformatted text preview: Preparing World Class Résumés and Cover Letters This Is Your Ad For An INTERVIEW! Make It Effective! Good Resumes Market you to a targeted reader. The Job You Want Shows Your Current Skills Shows Skills You Are Developing Matches Required Job Skills A resume is not… • • • • Personal autobiography An exhaustive list of experiences (exclude irrelevant details) Designed to be “read”… it is scanned A place for mistakes, unusual formatting, poor grammar or rambling prose A resume is … • • • • Polished and professional IMPACT statement! Targeted presentation of your “value proposition” to the employer Basic chronology of your related experience Powerful tool for shaping interview questions! – • Your interview “Cheat sheet” Demonstration of your skills and culture FIT Resumes are “first dates” in the employment process. Make them impressive and a second date may occur. Amazing Resumes, Jim Bright & Joanne Earl Dating Analogy • • • • • • Resume = First date Interview = Second date Office Visit = DtR Offer = Proposal Acceptance = Engagement Employment Start = Wedding Cover Letters Introduce You Cover Letters • • • • Dress up your resume Introduce you to the reader Express your personal interest better than an Objective Demonstrate your communication skills Cover Letter Do’s and Don’ts • • • • • • • Don’t address the letter incorrectly Do be direct – recruiter shouldn’t have to guess Don’t babble Don’t restate the facts of your resume Don’t be arrogant or presumptuous Do follow up Don’t write if not personal Cover Letter Sample Ima Good Student Your Contact Info Date Contact Info Greeting Introduction What you offer them 800 North University Avenue #22220 Provo, Utah 84601 801 555-5555 [email protected] October 5, 2011 Jane Q. Recruiter, Employment Manager ASuper Employer 123 Broad Street New York City, NY 10000-0001 Dear Jane (Ms. Recruiter): Re: Job Opening No 123 for Talented Graduate After meeting you at our recent Career Fair I have taken the opportunity to learn much more about ASuper Employer. I am delighted to accept your offer to consider me as a candidate for your internship program and have enclosed my resume for your review. I believe I bring skills and experience that will benefit the company and add to its already successful record. Some of my specific abilities related to your job opening are: Valuing teamwork synergy and leadership through employment and class team projects. Solving complex problems using applied analytical techniques and research. Thinking critically to determine needs in ambiguous settings and thoroughly developing efficient recommendations and solutions. Please review my resume for more details about my experience and qualifications. For the past year I have worked at ALess Super Employer and know the high regard given your organization by its major competition. What happens now/next I look forward to discussing my background with your recruiting team when you come to interview this month. It is easiest to contact me via email or at the number listed above. I am in class Monday through Friday from 10 am until 2 pm each day. If I am unable to answer please feel free to leave a message and I will return your call as quickly as possible. Thank you for considering me for an internship at A Super Employer. I will contact you early next week to determine how we should proceed. Close Sincerely, Ima Good Student Top Five Things Recruiters Look for in a Cover Letter National Association of Colleges and Employers • • • • • “Readability” Sense of the applicant’s personality How applicant found out about the job opening Something eye-catching such as a major accomplishment Evidence that the applicant has researched the employer Make It Tempting Avoid Canned Letters They smell (sound) fishy!*$%#@ A Powerful Tool OptimalResume Password: optimal1 Resume Builder Resume GPS Letter Builder Interview Practice Portfolio Builder Skill Assessment Website Builder Resume Builder • • Information in table and section entry style Examples and action verb list available – • • Remember to carefully edit Choose from multiple styles and instantly reformat Choose display or download format – Word, pdf, plain text, web Letter Builder • Different letter types available – – – – • • Cover Thank you Inquiry Response – Acceptance/Rejection Style choice options Publish Interview Prep • • • • • • • Behavioral Interview Final Interview Hiring Manager Interview Initial Face-to-Face Interview Pressure Interview Screening Interview Tag Team Panel Interview Portfolio • Two Types – File Cabinet .doc .xls .ppt .pdf .zip .txt .rtf .jpg .gif .png . eps .tiff .bmp .ico .wav .mp3 .avi .mpeg .mov .psd .ps .ai – Slide Show .jpg .jpeg .gif .png .bmp .tif .ico • • Files may be viewed or downloaded Can add special instructions – “To view this file you must have Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or PowerPoint Viewer” Video Resume • • • • Create a script (Script Builder) Record with or without teleprompter Upload the Resume Style your resume – – – • Choosing a skin Timeline tool Customizing Tutorials available Career Website • • • • • Dedicated employer focused website Can include systems/Internet skills and knowledge Can hold any format available on the web Limited access through “key” access Anything on the web can be hacked and may be investigated by a potential employer Employment Skills • • • • Helps evaluate job skills Identifies skills and talents to include on resume Provides relationship to experience and to education Not a personality or work preference assessment like MBTI or Strong R é sum é Wr iting is an BArt not a rady’s Résumé Guides Science 1 Provide a WOW Factor Focus On Results • Show them what you have achieved – – • • Results are far more impactful than responsibilities Use numbers and comparisons to provide context Demonstrate what sets you apart from other candidates Prove you have job passion – drive, creativity, and energy Grade Your Resume Statements • Description of responsibilities statements – C – • Impact/Change description statements – B – • Productivity improved 22%, costs were reduced Comparison or value creation statements – A – – • Responsible for batch process optimization Selected as best, won award, highest score Actions made a $250,000 impact Goal should be B+ or higher to get an interview Practice Exercise • Make this an A grade statement – – – (E – used first person) I scooped ice cream – C Served ice cream to 200-250 customers each shift and suggested method for reducing wait time by 50% - B Improved purchases 25% by up-selling products raising revenue $100 on shift, decreased wait time 50%, and developed the store’s highest loyal customer return rate - A The Concise A+ Version • Increased shift revenue 25% by upselling products, shifted register positions and decreased customer wait time by 50%, and achieved store’s highest loyalty return rate. Actual Sample • • • • Original: Reduced lab error rate Rev. 1: Streamlined error rate to reduce client rejections Rev. 2: Reduced production costs by lowering lab error rate and generated savings of $80,000 per year Rev. 3: Reduced lab error rate 20%, saving $80,000 annually by cutting process steps and streamlining production Use Key Words • • • Especially when resume is scanned or electronically read Today’s systems are sophisticated weave words throughout the resume Sample: Accounting Key Words – Audit, GAAP, IFRS, payroll, A/P, A/R, finance, expense reports, reconciliations, collections, bookkeeping, financial functions, balance sheet, general ledger, GPA Provide Enough Detail, But … This is the way to present far too much and to over load the recruiter with more than needed in the resume. Long paragraphs and lengthy information discussions will over whelm the reader’s ability to absorb all that the writer wants to convey. As the reader attempts to understand everything that is written, discouragement sets in and the reader tires and quits reading. The details tend to become a negative and the reader, in trying to interpret the underlying message, assumes that there is a certain irresponsibility in that the writer is unable to write concise and brief descriptions of performed activities. The more likely direct answer or quick provision of information is diluted by the failure to be precise and exacting in the presentation. Further the reader is confused by the pontification involved and might assume that the writer is less talented and more prone to puffery than to directing with simple and easy to understand language. The ultimate result is that the candidate is not looked at with more than a quickly assumed and potentially incorrect assumption of incompetence. This is of course not the impression that any good writer wishes to convey. Eventually there will be considerable frustration and the result will be that neither the writer or reader will achieve what they are seeking, primarily that another interview takes place or ultimately that there will be a job offer extended. We hope that the lesson learned here is that too much writing and too many details will interrupt the legitimate job seeker and may reflect poorly on the other graduates of the Marriott School. We want to avoid this potential disaster by having you all write more easily and precisely to the point without overly exhausting the recruiter or the HR staff with the enormous detail that you would like them to know. Save it for the twenty interviews you will get from a well written resume and for the technical assessment that may come. It is then that you will have to produce the details that you feel are so important to write about, but that are just exercises in jargon and excess verbiage. If you do not follow this wise advice you may never get a chance to tell all of these things because the interviewer and resume reviewer have already discarded your wonderful treatise. When you feel that you just need to get something off your chest use it to impress your professors and hope that they grade by volume and not by content. Excess in almost anything is very annoying and will again possibly result in a negative reaction. Save yourself some grief and considerable pain by making a smart and short duty of writing for the points in your resume. There is even very little opportunity to be verbose in scanned and computer written resumes. While having more key words in the resume is an attempt to have the scanner read something that it is searching, at some point someone will have to read the resume and the end result will likely be the same disappointed turndown and rejection. Write well. Avoid Language Bloat! 2 Remember the Reader You Must Get Attention In 15 - 30 Seconds (Try the friend test. See what is read in 20-30 seconds.) What Makes The Reader Want To See More? Target the Reader’s Needs! Key Words Key Knowledge Key Skills Lead With What Appeals To Them • Write From the Employer’s Perspective – • • Reflect the job posting Show Impact of Experience with Potential Benefits for Them Make Your Brand Appealing to Them Build Your Resume Help Matrix Position XYZ Company Sales Manager Responsibility Action Result Developed system to monitor customer progress and satisfaction; intervene when needed. §Struggling customers helped before problems became serious §Customer service quality increased two fold as measured in satisfaction surveys. §Uninterested customers were let go with no cost impact. Build Marketing Plan Sales Supervisor Customer Satisfaction Researched plan templates, gathered needed information, wrote and revised plan §Prepared 20 page plan proposal §Presented to management & board §Implemented first phase Hire and train team members Source, screen, interview, hire, and train for open positions. §Team that I hired and trained contributed to 150% revenue increase during my last year of supervision. 3 The Appearance Attracts The Content Holds A Good Resume • • • Has some white space Is readable (12-11 font size) Avoids unusual or exotic fonts (use a This is just too small to read. standard font) • • Targets the reader Communicates Clearly & Concisely Three Things to Remember • Be consistent – • Exercise restraint – – • Same abbreviations, same formatting Avoid multiple fonts, heavy italics, all capital letters, bright colored paper Use high-quality wording more than creative design. Great design is still important! Limit the length – One page 99% of the time Success Characteristics You Want to Demonstrate • • • • • • • Working in a Diverse Environment Contributing to a Team • Managing Time and Priorities Navigating Across Boundaries Acquiring Knowledge • Performing with Integrity Thinking Critically • Communicating Effectively Developing Professional Competencies Solving Problems • Balancing Work and Life • Embracing Change 4 Objectives are Objectionable Without Meaning Bad Objective Example Seeking a job that allows me to utilize the knowledge gained in my studies and pays well. Who doesn’t? Tell me something I don’t already know! Get specific! You want to be a “fast match”, not a “Jack of all trades.” Another Poor Example (With the Recruiter’s Comments) As opposed to irresponsible? What, you don’t like dull work? To obtain a responsible and challenging position where my education and work experience can make a contribution. Like finding a cure for cancer? If You Use an Objective Focus on the Employer’s Needs Position on the supply-chain management team where my knowledge of advanced logistics programming can make you money. Use your cover letter to present a better objective. Use Summaries Wisely Skills Summary • Able to work small miracles applying education and experience to problems. • Understand the value of sound finance applications. • Can motivate teams and build strong client rapport. • Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. • More powerful than an Intel i7-990X processor. • Faster than a SR71 Blackbird. • • • • The summary better sizzle For low experience candidates, keep short May be better to link experience and skills together. Don’t list soft skills separately from the rest of your employment history. Computer skills can be grouped My Resume Anywhere, State, 88888-8888 222-222-2222 Executive Summary Summary Statement Example Able to work small miracles by applying my education and experiences to your problems. Understand the value of good finance applications. Can motivate teams and build strong client rapport. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. More powerful than a i7-990x processor. Faster than an SR71 Blackbird. Education Marriott School, BYU 2011 Great Classes and Scholarships, Business Italian Experience Super Employer 2009-2010 Good Stuff about that experience Super Employer 2 2007-2008 More good stuff about the experience Other 5 Education is What You are Selling EDUCATION • • • Normally highest degree first Bachelor of . . . (no “s”) Show graduation date, April 2013, don’t need to say “anticipated,” “projected,” “expected” or “planned” “hoped,” “maybe,” “if I’m lucky” Education Sample Education Brigham Young University Marriott School of Management Master of Accountancy, Tax April 2012 • GPA 4.0 Magna Cum Laude • Marriott Partner’s Scholarship – full academic costs • Beta Alpha Psi – President Bachelor of Science, Finance April 2011 • GPA 3.96 Dean’s List 2008-2010 • President, Management Finance Association Kennedy International Center January – April 2009 • Three Month Study Abroad – Kiev, Ukraine 6 Experience Sells You Your Experience Advantage: Who You Worked For What You Accomplished Let Big Brands Speak for You What Was Your Position? • • • • • Intern Analyst Supervisor Manager Director • • • • • Specialist Advisor CIO CFO CEO Super Employer, Fin. Analyst/Proj. Mgr, 2009-2011 Employer improvement consulting, $10b annual revenue, productivity growth factors, training & development, retirement & health benefits • Assessed cost factors and identified $8 million saving for mid-sized manufacturing company • Developed unique web tool for consolidating division financials in multinational energy firm • Awarded Top Analyst recognition last three quarters • Promoted to Project Finance Manager, supervising four analysts on $12m benefits plan engagement No Experience—Think Again! • Did you mow lawns or sell lemonade? – – – • Did it require forming a business? What did you accomplish/results? What business lessons can you apply? Work for family organization? – – What did you do for the business? How does it apply to this job? Do an internship! Experience is almost mandatory in today’s job market. Employers can choose experienced candidates for most positions. 7 Focus On Accomplishments, Results, and Impact Does the information support or detract from your candidacy? They Shouldn’t Say, “So What?” Use Action to get ACTION Use An Action Verb List Accomplished Administered Advanced Built Broadened Coached Created Developed Directed Expanded Forecasted Generated Hired Implemented Increased Launched Maintained Negotiated Avoid weak verbs: assisted, helped, participated OptimalResume has a good set. Performed Projected Quantified Resolved Revised Structured Simplified Trained Updated Avoid “Responsible For” It’s Your Resume and Responsibility Is Assumed Avoid Declarative Sentences I developed. . . I led. . . leave out the “I, Me & My” Include Community Involvement • • Community service and contribution (Habitat for Humanity, Big Brother/Sister, Red Cross, etc.) Don’t forget RS/EQ presidencies, Home and Visiting teaching, Scouting/YW/YM, Bishoprics Mission Experience Missionary Example: Volunteer Representative, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Tokyo, Japan 2007-2009 • • • Rendered welfare service and taught principles of faith and responsibility to several hundred people Managed the activities of 135 representatives and cultivated language, cultural, & teaching skills Appointed Assistant to the President, provided leadership support, organization development, and training Don’t misrepresent responsibilities – Mission finance clerk ≠ Mission CFO Business Strengths From Mission Experience Activity • Get up and Knock Doors • Teaching • Training Other Missionaries Business Skill • • • • • Companionships • • Language Capabilities • Live in Foreign Culture • Long Hours • • Self Motivation, Discipline, Cold Call Techniques Training & Interpersonal Skills, Self-confidence Time Management, Strategic Planning, Communications Flexibility, Patience, Understanding Others’ View Learning Capacity, Adaptability to New Concepts Cultural Understanding, Work with Others, Lack of Prejudice Dedication, Hard Work, Perseverance Consider Using Business Language Elder’s Quorum/Relief Society Presidency: President (Leader) of Men’s/Women’s Service Organization Jun 2011-Present • Direct 80 home visits per month monitoring and assisting physically, emotionally, financially, etc. • Improved visit consistency by 25% for the highest regularity in my region • Led weekly instruction and monthly social/service activities for 40 to 80 people 8 No Formatting Option Is Any Better Than Another – Use the Best For the Job Remember Five C’s Clean Clear Concise Consistent Conservative (for business) John Doe Address Education: MBA BYU April 2012 BA Harvard June 2010 Experience: Goldman Sachs 2009-2010 Analyst Ford Summer 2008 Finance Intern LDS Church 2005-2007 Missionary Denny’s 2005 Server Skills: Many, Multi-talented Computer Expertise: Left Aligned Is Easier To Read The Golden Triangle Use a golden triangle to guide the reader down the page. Name Address Statement of Qualifications & position desires Employer One, job one, 201x• Accomplishment number one • Big skill number one • Special work award Employer Two, job two, 200x-200x • Important skill number two • Accomplishment two • Promotion Other • Mission, Computer Skills • What I like to do in spare time Experience In Reverse Chronological Order Is Preferred Most Recent At Top • • • • • Ernst & Young Summer 2011 BYU Food Services 2010-11 (part-time), 2006-2007 LDS Mission 2008-2010 Yellowstone Park Summers 2006, 2007 Pizza Hut 2005 - 2006 Bullets Are Helpful Read Easily Target Points Complete Thoughts Not Sentences Most Important to Reader First Use Standard Bullet Style $ Be Concise • • • • • • • • Wordy on account of the fact that through the use of a lot of later on in view of the fact that regardless of the fact prior to • • • • • • • • • Concise because through many later because although before decide Use the Right Word • Affect vs. effect – – • Affect is normally a verb (Poor sales will affect the bottom line.) Effect is normally a noun (The effect of the layoff is more work.) You’re vs. your; it’s vs. its – – • You’re is contraction you are; your is possessive pronoun It’s is contraction it is; its is possessive pronoun i.e. vs. e.g. – • i.e. means in other words; e.g. means for example Hone vs. home in – Hone means to sharpen or make effective – Home in means to direct attention to an objective Use Present Tense For Current Experience, Past Tense For Past Experience NO TPYOS!! No Spelling Errors No Address Errors Watch Your Graphics BYU BFOQ MISM ISO BBA H Abbreviations Must Be T Universally Understood UT M L MAcc GMAT MS/Ms FASB Assoc When In Doubt Spell It OUT!! 9 One Page Is GOOD! Two Pages: Minimal Need 8 + years work experience Technical field needing more space to list and prove knowledge Two-Page Rule • • If you have two pages the writing should cover at least half of the second page. You need more than a few lines on the second page. Multi-Pages Only for senior level executive with many accomplishments; Extensive academic or scientific publications list, licenses or patents. No Tag Lines: References Available Upon Request Not Necessary. Have Them Ready After Your Draft Ask? • • • • Can I cut out any paragraphs? Can I cut out any sentences? Can I cut out any superfluous words? Are there any repetitions? Some Actual Resume Errors • • • • • • Proven ability to track down and correct erors. My ruthlessness terrorized the competition and can sometimes offend. Skills: Proofreadning Candidate sent markup copy of resume with “I don’t think you want to say this about yourself.” noted by one reviewer. Perfectionist and rarely if if ever miss details. Please call after 5:30, I am self-employed and my employer does not know I am looking for another job. Actual Resume Errors • • • • • • Responsibilities included checking customers out Here are my qualifications for you to overlook. Seeking to expose myself to business leaders. Exposure to German for two years, but many words are not appropriate for business. Promoted to district manger to oversee 37 retail stores. Seeking a party-time position with potential for advancement Write Well! Steven & Georgia White Business Career Center 446 TNRB ...
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