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Sentence Analysis Diagram Subject Verb Complement SENTENCE Phrase Clause 1. Has Subject 2. Has Verb 1. Independent/Main 2. Dependent/Subordinate      A. Stands Alone      A. Can't Stand Alone      B. Complete Idea      B. Incomplete Idea Conjunctions Coordinating Conjunction Subordinating Conjuction Connects clauses of equal strength Connect clause of unequal strength F or Cause/ because A nd Concession/ Four Types of Sentences N or Simple
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Unformatted text preview: 1 Ind. 0 Dep. B ut Condition/ if, unless Compound 2 Ind. 0 Dep. O r Place/ whenever Complex 1 Ind. 1 Dep. Y et Time/ Comp/Complex 2 Ind. 1 Dep. The thing that is doing or being. What the subject is doing or being. The completion of the idea started by the subject or verb. 1. Doesn't have both subject and verb although, even, though after, before, since, when, while, until...
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