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Study Handout for Midterm _1 - Jerusalem Samaria Caesarea...

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Rel A 212 – Terms/Concepts/Places/People to know for Midterm Exam #1 Terms/Concepts Pax Romana Pax Deorum Roman Citizenship Jerusalem Temple Diaspora/Dispersion Synagogue God-Fearer Proselyte Polytheism Monotheism Mar’s Hill/Areopagus Stoics Epicureans Circumcision Passover Pentecost Tabernacles Holy Ghost/Spirit Law of Consecration JST Sanhedrin Gentile Hebrew Septuagint Torah Roman Empire Caesar Law of Moses Pharisees Sadducees Samaritans Acts of the Apostles Joseph Smith Translation (JST) Vulgate Jupiter Mars Mercury Places
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Unformatted text preview: Jerusalem Samaria Caesarea Joppa Philippi Corinth Athens Rome Judea People Luke Peter John Saul/Paul Barnabas Silas John Mark Timothy Matthias Gamaliel Cornelius Stephen Philip Simon Magus Ananias Abagus Sergius Paulus Apollos Pontius Pilate King Agrippa I Herod Agrippa II Antonius Felix Porcius Festus Caesar Augustus Claudius Caesar Nero Caesar Eutychus Chloe Diana Lydia Ananias & Sapphira Outline of Midterm #1 25 Multiple Choice (25 pts) 18 Matching (18 pts) 10 Short Answer (20 pts) 12 True/False (12 pts) Total: 75 pts...
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