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00b READ Mesopotamia - Readings for Unit 6: Mesopotamia...

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Unformatted text preview: Readings for Unit 6: Mesopotamia Readings from the Old Testament 2 Kings 25 Jeremiah 28-29, 39, 52 Ezekiel 8-11 Psalm 137 Lamentations 1 Babylonian Chronicles 605 BCE [Year 21:] the king of Babylon was in his country. Nebuchadrezzar , his eldest son, the crown prince, [called] out the [army of Babylon], took the van and went to Carchemish on the bank of the Euphrates. He crossed the river [to face the army of Egypt] which was camped at Carchemish. [...] they fought together and [pharaoh Necho and] the army of Egypt fled [Vol. I, p. 468] before him. He defeated them utterly. The rest of the army of [Egypt, which] had escaped from the defeat and which the army of Babylon had not conquered, the army defeated in the district of Hamath so that [not] a single man [returned] to his country. At that time Nebuchadrezzar conquered the whole of Hamath. Nabopolassar ruled Babylon for 21 years. On 8th Ab he died. In Elul Nebuchadrezzar returned to Babylon and on 1st Elul he ascended the throne in Babylon. 598/597 BCE Year 7: in Kislev the king of Babylonia called out his army and marched to Hattu. He set his camp against the city of Judah [Ya-a-h˙u-du] and on 2nd Adar he took the city and captured the king. He appointed a king [Zedekiah] of his choosing there, took heavy tribute and returned to Babylon. ...
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