01a-4 NOTE historiography

01a 4 note historiography

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Unformatted text preview: Learning how to Learn ❖ Learn how to ask Questions ❖ Learn how to find Answers Historical Questions ❖ Who? ❖ What? ❖ When? ❖ Where? ❖ Why? ❖ How? ❖ What does it mean? So What? ❖ Epistemology = how do we know about the past What is significant in the past depends on what question you are asking. The historian as detective Historical context ❖ Context ❖ Connections ❖ Cause ❖ Effect Why Study History? ❖ Preservation ✦ History ❖ as communal memory Artistic Appreciation ✦ cultural ❖ of Cultural Tradition context of art and literature Intellectual Enlightenment ✦ expansion of cultural pers...
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