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Chronology of Jerusalem 1 {3500-1000 BC} Date Event Primary Sources late 4M Small agricultural settlements near Gihon spring in Jerusalem area Archaeology early 3M City of Jerusalem founded Archaeology 19C “The ruler of Jerusalem ( }wsû}mm ), Yaqar-‘Ammu ( }Iyq}{mw ), and all the stricken ones with him.” Egyptian Execration Texts (COS 1:51-52) c. 1800 Melchizedek , (Malkî- edek = q®dRx_yI;kVlAm “My King is Righteous”) king of Jerusalem, priest of Ē l ‘Elyôn ( NwøyVlRo lEa ) (“God Most High”) Gen 14:17-20 (JST Gen 14:25-40) Ps 110 c 1458-1200 Egyptian Rule of Canaan and Jerusalem c. 1458 Egyptian conquest of Canaan and Jerusalem by Thutmose III Armant Stela; Annals at Karnak c. 1400 Earliest written text; small Akkadian clay tablet archaeology c. 1350-1330 Four letters of ‘Abdi- eba , (Amorite) king of Jerusalem ( Urusalim ), vassal of the Egyptian king Akhenaten; pays 5000 shekels of silver in tribute
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Unformatted text preview: (EA 287.54) Moran, Amarna Letters , EA 285-290; p 327-34 c. 1210-1000 Jerusalem (Jebus) ruled by Amorite tribe of Jebusites; not conquered by Israel Josh 10.5, 15.8, 63; Judg 1.21 c 1209 Merenptah {Y5} claims to have defeated Israel Merenptah Stela c. 1190 Ramesses III {Y8} Battle of the Nile; Egyptian dominance in Canaan ended; invasions of the Philistines and Israelites Ramesses III inscriptions at Medinat Habu c. 1185 d n- edek ( qdRx_ynOdSa My Lord is Righteous), Amorite king of Jerusalem, defeated and killed by Joshua at the battle of Gibeon, but Jerusalem is not conquered Josh 10 c. 1175 Jerusalem/Jebus under king d n-Bezek ( qzRb_ynOdSa ) sacked by Israelites, but is not occupied. Judg 1.7-8, 21 c 1000 Conquest of Jebusite Jerusalem by David 2 Sam 5.1-5; 1 Chr 11.4-9...
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