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4c-0 READ Egyptian Jerusalem - Egyptian Jerusalem Reading 1...

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Egyptian Jerusalem, Reading 1: Amarna Letter from Jerusalem to Egypt LETTER OF ABDI-HEBA OF JERUSALEM (URUSALIM) ( EA 289) (3.92B) Trans. William Moran This letter pursues the charges in EA 286 against Milk-ilu of Gezer (Gazru) and names his fellow-traitors. The lack of a garrison, also mentioned in the earlier letter, is further stressed. (lines 1–4) Say to the king, my lord: Message of Abdi-Heba, your servant. I fall at the feet of my lord, the king, seven times and seven times. (lines 5–10) Milk-ilu does not break away from the sons of Lab}ayu and from the sons of Arsawa, as they desire the land of the king for themselves. As for a mayor who does such a deed, why does the king not <c>all him to account? (lines 11–17) Such was the deed that Milk-ilu and Tagi did: they took Rub(b)utu. And now as for Urusalim, if this land belongs to the king, why is it <not> of concern (?) to the king like Hazzatu? (lines 18–24) Gintikirmil belongs to Tagi, and men of Gintu are the garrison in Bitsanu. Are we to act like Lab}ayu when he was giving the land of SÛakmu (Shechem) to the Hapiru? (lines 25–36) Milk-ilu has written to Tagi and the sons <of Lab}ayu> (?), “Be both of you (?) a protection(?). Grant all their demands to the men of Qiltu, and let us isolate Urusalim.” Addayu has taken the garrison that you sent in the charge of Haya, the son of Miyare; he has stationed it in his own house in Hazzatu and has sent 20 men to Egypt. May the king, my lord, know (that) no garrison of the king is with me. (lines 37–44) Accordingly, as truly as the king lives, f his irpi-official, Pu}uru, has left me and is in Hazzatu. May the king call (this) to mind when he arrives (?). And so may the king send 50 men as a
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4c-0 READ Egyptian Jerusalem - Egyptian Jerusalem Reading 1...

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