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05-0b READ Israelite

05-0b READ Israelite - Readings for Unit 5 Israelite Period...

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Readings for Unit 5: Israelite Period 1. Shishak’s Invasion {917 BCE} Read 1 Kings 14:21-31 and 2 Chron. 12:1-16 2. Reign of Josaiah {640-609}, Discovery of the Book of the Law Read 2 Chron. 34-35; 2 Kings 23 3. Lachish Letters {587 BCE} Written by the commander of of the garrison of Lachish during the Babylonian campaign. Letter 1: Salutation (lines 1–3) Your servant Hoshayahu (hereby) reports to my lord Yaush. May Yahweh give you the very best possible news.Complaint and Self-Defense (lines 4–13) And now, please explain to your servant the meaning of the letter which you sent to your servant yesterday evening. For your servant has been sick at heart ever since you sent (that letter) to your servant. In it my lord said: “Don’t you know how to read a letter?” As Yahweh lives, no one has ever tried to read me a letter! Moreover, whenever any letter comes to me and I have read it, I can repeat it down to the smallest detail. Military Information (lines 13–18)
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