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Jehovah = Y HWH ( hwhy ) = Yahweh = the L ORD Generally thought to have been pronounced YaHWeH, or perhaps YaHUH/Yahu. Sometimes called by Christians the tetragrammaton (“four letters”), and by Jews ha-shem (“the name”), or ha-shem ha-meforash (“the unspeakable name”). Meaning may be related to the Hebrew root HYH ( hayah , meaning “to be,” “exist” or become”). Thus Y HWH might mean something like “he who is.” Some think Y HWH may be related to God’s name given to Moses in Ex 3:13-4: “When they ask ‘What is his [God’s] name?’ . .. God said to Moses: I am who I am . Say to the people of Israel, ‘ I am has sent me to you’.” “I am” in Hebrew is eHYeH/ ehyeh , first person singular from the verb HYH. The name Y HWH is frequently found in Hebrew theophoric names (names containing the name of god), and was generally pronounced “Yahu” or shortened to “Yah” (perhaps so as not to pronounce the full name), and anglicized as “iah”. Thus, Jerem-iah =
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