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05a-1 Israelite History

05a-1 Israelite History - Israelite History 1200-586 BCE...

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Israelite History 1200-586 BCE Pardoxes in the study of Israel Best documented kingdom vs. worst for surviving texts Most controversial history theology, maximalist vs. minimalists Israel was politically insignificant but culturally most significant Unique characteristics of Israel monotheistic non-syncretistic early syncretistic late non-syncretistic retains ethnic identity
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Exodus (all dates approximate) Moses {1230-1190} Joshua and the conquest {1190-1150} Age of the Judges {1150-1020} Judge = f Ep O Úv ( šō f ē t ) warrior, administrator, prophet, judge temporary as times require Tribal multiple judges simultaneously in different tribes Deborah, prophetess and judge (Judg. 4:4) United Monarchy {1020-922} Israel is major power in Syria/Canaan militarily defeat surrounding power under David all neighboring states are vassals or allies under Solomon economic trade power under Solomon (1 Kg 9.26-28) dynastic marriages
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