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09-0a Rome KW - Dead Sea Scrolls Qumran Biblical texts...

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Unit 9: Rome [WH 112-152] 9A- Rome Early Rome Etruscans Republic Roman Conquests Punic Wars Carthage Hannibal Militarization of Rome Slave Revolts Caesar Augustus Fall of the Republic Pax Romana Architecture Rome and Hellenism Roman Culture Livy Virgil Roman Religion (Lecture) civic religion sacrifice emperor worship philosophy mystery religions 9B- Judea Under the Romans Roman Judea Diaspora Hellenization Unit 9: Rome
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Corruption of the Temple Sectarianism Herod the Great Vassals and Procurators Corruption Philosophy Messianism
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Unformatted text preview: Dead Sea Scrolls Qumran Biblical texts Essenes Eschatology 9C- Jewish Sacred Symbols Herodian Temple Mount Courts and plazas monumental gateways Soreg = temenos mikva purification pools tunnels altar holy of holies Samaritan sacrifice Roman Jerusalem Pagan Jerusalem (Aelia Capitolina) Bar Kochba (second) Rebellion Gates Key words from Primary Readings Tacitus's view of Roman imperialism Destruction of the Temple, 70 CE Vespasian as Messiah Unit 9: Rome...
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