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Book Report - ❖ Check the bibliography in the WH text ❖...

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Due Thurs. 8 Sept. at beginning of class (1:35 pm) Note: This does not mean 1:40 or 2:50 Late = -10% Follow Requirements on Syllabus, #8. Don’t get books published more than a few decades ago Book = must contain 250 pages of text long Must read the whole book. Describing events before 1500 AD Fiction only if written before 1500 AD Book Report Title Pick a theme Art, Religion, War, Science, Literature Pick a civilization Egypt, Greece, Iran, Byzantium Pick a time period Ancient, Classical, Medieval Can be a biography Picking a book report topic Do subject search: Amazon.com, Byline Do search in basic reference works on the topic
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Unformatted text preview: ❖ Check the bibliography in the WH text ❖ Book must be college level ❖ Picture books count ½ page count ❖ Best if it’s a primary text Finding a Book to Read ❖ Typed, double spaced ❖ Name and 201-7 in upper right corner ❖ Brief description of the contents of book (1 sentence) ❖ No email assignments are accepted ❖ Don’t email asking if a book is acceptable before the assignment is due Format 1 ❖ William J Hamblin and David Seely, Solomon's Temple: Myth and History , (Thames and Hudson, 2007), 205 pages ❖ Problems? ✦ Only 205 pages ✦ Picture book Format...
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