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Resume- Research Process

Resume- Research Process - read the biographies of the...

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Caitlin Dekker September 20, 2010 English 315- Section 3 Research Process I began this assignment by reviewing the emails I had received as a psychology undergraduate that gave me information about available internships and job positions. After looking up several different companies and organizations, I came upon Maple Lake Academy and the description greatly interested me. I looked up their website and read about their purpose, goals, and philosophy toward helping students with verbal and non-verbal differences. Next, I
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Unformatted text preview: read the biographies of the full-time staff and discovered that I would need to send my resume to Nichol Holwege, who is in charge of hiring new employees. After perusing their website and agreeing with their philosophy, I found that the position I would be most qualified for and interested in would be a recreational and educational counselor. All the information I needed was found on their website, thus my research was made quick and easy....
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