Psych 341- Big 5 Personality Theory

Psych 341- Big 5 Personality Theory - Caitlin Dekker Psych...

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Caitlin Dekker Psych 341 Sec 1 Big-5 Personality Theory and Research What is the difference between the FFM and FFT? -The FFM is the five-factor model of personality that refers to all the research it has inspired while the FFT is represents an effort to construct an adequate theory of personality that would provide a definition of the system, organization, and development of personality What basic assumptions does FFT make about human nature (and personality more specifically)? -Assumptions include the idea that personality can be understood using the circumstances of this life and not karma, knowability- personality can be scientifically studied, rationality- people are capable of understanding themselves and others, variability- people are psychologically different from each other, proactivity rather than reactivity, What are basic tendencies, characteristics adaptations, and self-concept, and how do they interrelate (e.g., what role do they play in the personality system)? How might you describe yourself using an example of each of these aspects of personality? -For each of the five factors, one is singled out as a basic tendency or abstract psychological potentials. Characteristic adaptations are the intrapsychic and interpersonal features that develop over time as expressions of these fact traits or concrete manifestations in the personality system. We learn who we are by observing what we do, thus developing our self-concept which includes
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Psych 341- Big 5 Personality Theory - Caitlin Dekker Psych...

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