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Caitlin Dekker Mindfulness Baer What are the basic ideas behind mindfulness? -Mindfulness is bringing one’s attention to the present experience through meditation with an attitude of nonjudgmental acceptance. What are some common interventions/therapies based on or incorporating mindfulness, and in what ways do they use or integrate mindfulness? -Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) is when participants meet together for meditation skills to discuss their stress, coping, and homework assignments. They are asked to practice these skills outside of the program for 45 minutes a day. Mindfulness-based cognitive Therapy (MBCT) uses attention control to prevent relapses in depressive episodes. They are taught to view their thoughts and emotions nonjudgmentally. What are some of the proposed processes by which mindfulness leads to personality and/or mental health changes? -Dialectical behavior therapy is designed to treat borderline personality disorder through teaching acceptance and change using mindfulness skills. In general what has research found about the effectiveness of mindfulness?
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