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Outline Philosophical Assumptions: Freedom vs determinism: -Determined by our environment, upbringing (parenting), the individual’s experiences with the world Heredity vs Environment: -Environment- it’s our social interactions that make us who we are Proactivity vs Reactivity: -Reactivity- we are simply reacting to our environment. Individualistic vs. Collectivistic/Relational: -Relational- our personality is governed by our relationships with objects Object Relations Theory: The inborn drive to form and maintain human relationships, from which all other drives gain meaning. Object=person or thing with which humans develop relationships o Usually the primary caretaker, but can be pacifiers, blankets, pets, etc. Object relations are the experiences with these early relationships Healthy human development emerges out of the relationship between mother and child
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Unformatted text preview: moving toward individual adult relationships. • Melanie Klein-o Our earliest object relations are the building blocks of our self o Contributed to psychoanalytic theory- children slowly develop relationships to the world with their distinction between unconscious fantasies and real experiences. • Margaret Mahler o The biological birth of a child (distinct event) and the psychological birth of an individual (gradual process) are not the same. o Separation-individuation: begins at month four and leads to a stable self-concept at 3 years. Separation equals physical differentiation from one’s caregiver and individuation means psychological growth away from one’s caregiver toward one’s unique self....
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