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Caitlin Dekker Psych 341 Sec 1 Personal Constructs – Constructivist Psychology Feixas What is the basic purpose of the study? -The basic purpose is to analyze the Classification System for Personal Constructs that shows the personal constructs that usually appear in constructivist assessment procedures. They attempted to design a comprehensive and exclusive classification system structured according to homogeneous levels of abstraction, and based solely on the content of the constructs. What research methodology was used? -They first created a classification system using the identified personal constructs of participants and grouping them by category and placing them in hierarchical order. They used interrater agreement to determine the reliability of the CSPC using two grad students taught to code. What techniques were used to analyze the data? -They began by using simple frequency tables and used percentages of interrater agreement to determine reliability. What main categories of personal constructs emerged? How are the categories ordered in
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