Psych 341- Relationships

Psych 341- Relationships - Caitlin Dekker Psych 341 Sec 1...

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Caitlin Dekker Psych 341 Sec. 1 Relationships Slife What is weak versus strong relationality, and what are characteristics of theories/studies from each paradigm? -Weak relationality is the idea that the individual is more important than the relationships; the individual should be independent and self-reliant and relationships are only important if they contribute to the individual’s goals. Freud believed the self was rooted in the pleasure pursuit of the id and Rogers believed in self-actualization or letting go of the expectations of others to pursue your own. Strong relationality is the opposite, that relations in their context are the way to understand the world. Kurt Lewin believed in a field theory of personality, that relationships come before the individual. What are examples of how each paradigm might approach a given research topic (such as identity, marriage, morality, or therapy). -Weak: Research shows that marriage fails because of the loss of realizing individualist functions or personal happiness. Relationships are explained non-relationally in that they are what is inside the individual that drives the relationship. Strong: The mother-child relation is the basic form of human existence. What are the key features of a strong relational psychotherapy? -Strong relational psychotherapy begins with the idea that the context of practice is more important than theory. 1)Interpersonal relationships are the key to life: a good life means good relationships so psychotherapy focuses on developing good relations. 2)True relationships should not focus on satisfying individual needs, but on good relations: therapists must serve their client’s relationships by considering
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Psych 341- Relationships - Caitlin Dekker Psych 341 Sec 1...

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