Psych 341- Social Cognitive Research

Psych 341- Social Cognitive Research - Caitlin Dekker Psych...

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Caitlin Dekker Psych 341 Sec 1 Social Cognitive Research Mischel What does he mean that traditional approaches to personality consider situations as “noise” or “error”? -This means that most approaches consider personality to be consistent across situations so that the variance across situations is really people’s personalities. However, evidence shows that people’s behavior varies considerably across situations. Thus, the new approach says that this variability across situations might be an expression of their enduring personality. What are “if…then…signatures”? -“if then signatures” are clues about the underlying personality system. If situation A, then the person does X, but if situation B, the person does Y. According to his approach, is there anything that is stable or trait-like about personality, any sense in which people are consistent? -It is the stability in the situation-behavior profile and not the cross-situational consistency of behavior that seems to be related to the perception of consistency. What does he mean by intra-individual and what role does that play in his approach to personality, and how is it different from other approaches in that sense? -Intra-individual means how the individual varies across situations, showing the individual’s distinctive character traits. What is the basic idea of the CAPS theory of personality? -Mental representations are the stable units of personality that whose activation or inhibition leads
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Psych 341- Social Cognitive Research - Caitlin Dekker Psych...

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