Psych 341- Social Cognitive Theory

Psych 341- Social Cognitive Theory - Caitlin Dekker Psych...

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Caitlin Dekker Psych 341 Sec1 Social Cognitive Theory Chapter 9 What does human agency entail for Bandura, and how might this be similar or different from other conceptualizations of agency? -Bandura believes that people are originators or agents of experience, thus human agency is the ability to act and make things happen. Instead of just reacting to their environment or other influences, people have an active role in constructing their life as both producers and products. Agency entails intentionality or purposeful behavior, forethought, self-reactiveness, and self-reflectiveness. What are the three factors in Bandura’s triadic reciprocal causation and how process work? -The triadic reciprocal causation is the interplay of behavioral, cognitive, and environmental factors. These factors act as interlocking determinants of one another. What are three factors that influence modeling and what impact do they have on observational learning? -Characteristics of the model- we are more influenced by someone who is similar, performing simple behaviors, and certain kinds of behavior. -Attributes of the observer- those lacking in self-esteem or incompetent are likely to follow the structure of a model as are highly dependent people and those who have been rewarded for conforming behavior -Reward consequences associated with a behavior- people are more likely to model a behavior if they believe it will lead to positive short or long term results. Observational learning is not simply imitation, but an active judgmental and constructive process. What are the four processes that play a role in observational learning?
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Psych 341- Social Cognitive Theory - Caitlin Dekker Psych...

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