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Psych 341- - Spirituality Study Guide APA Monitor article...

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Spirituality Study Guide APA Monitor article According to most of the field of psychology, why do we have religion or religious beliefs? We have religion to create a sense of meaning and purpose for our lives. We were also predisposed to believe in things such as the supernatural. What about us as humans makes us or allows us to believe in God(s)? Our cognitions predisposed us to believe in God. Young child, when explaining things, often believe that everything was created with a purpose even if they haven’t been taught about God. It is a byproduct of the way our brains work. According to most of the field of psychology, what purposes does religion serve? Religion serves as a way of explaining the unknown to reduce fear and allow for meaning in life. It also connects us to other people and to God. What effect can religious beliefs have on us? Religious beliefs make people calmer because they attempt to explain phenomena we don’t understand, thus reducing fear.
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