Psych 341-Ch.4-Adler-Sullivan

Psych 341-Ch.4-Adler-Sullivan - Caitlin Dekker Psych 342...

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Caitlin Dekker Psych 342 Sec 1 Neo-Psychoanalytic – Adler Adler: What events from Adler’s life may have led to his theoretical ideas and how/why? -Adler had a deficiency disease that made him weak and clumsy and was not expected to do well in school. He nonetheless overcame these difficulties and this is shown in his concepts of organic inferiority and the striving for superiority. Being the second son and feeling inferior is manifest in his interest in the ordinal position of birth and his efforts to get along with people is found in his conviction that the human being is very social and cultural, that society is crucial for the development and orientation of each behavior and emotion in a person’s life. What is “social interest”? -The urge in human nature to adapt oneself to the conditions of the social environment. It is a conscious effort to deny natural instincts because of social relations, but it does not come automatically and must be nurtured and cultivated. What is “finalism” and “fictional finalism”? -Finalism is the idea that human behavior is motivated by a goal that the individual pursues. (goal orientation) Fictional finalism is the idea that we cannot know whether our goals are true or false because there is no way to test them, thus we create or construct our own idea of reality. Our fictions are the individual’s or group’s interpretations of events. What is the “goal of superiority,” and how does it emerge from “inferiority feelings”? -The goal of superiority is the ultimate fictional finalism that gives unity and coherence to the personality. It is striving for a superior society which means we seek to be competent and effective in whatever one strives to do (similar to self-realization). Inferiority feelings originate at birth in which we must rely completely on someone else to satisfy our basic needs. Thus, we are born immature, incomplete, and incompetent and our efforts to succeed and develop are attempts to compensate for these inferiorities. What is “style of life” and how does it relate to superiority/inferiority? -Style of life is the way in which each individual seeks to cope with the environment and develop
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Psych 341-Ch.4-Adler-Sullivan - Caitlin Dekker Psych 342...

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