Psych 341-Ch.5&7

Psych 341-Ch.5&7 - Caitlin Dekker Psych 341 Sec. 1...

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Caitlin Dekker Psych 341 Sec. 1 Neo-Psychoanalytic: Horney, Object Relations Chapter 5 What was Horney’s concept of basic anxiety, and how did it differ from Freud’s concept of anxiety? -Horney agreed with Freud that anxiety is the basic human condition, but she saw it as a result of social forces and not just inevitable. Basic anxiety is the feelings of insecurity from being lonely and helpless in a hostile world. The environment is often a threat to children’s development and wishes because of the negative factors, or basic evil. How do the ten neurotic needs/trends lead to three primary modes of relating to others and three basic orientations toward life? (Don’t need to describe each part of Table 5.1, just general ideas)? -The neurotic’s needs are dependent on the individual’s experiences of being safe or insecure in the world. These needs are too intense and unrealistic, so they must cope using primary modes of relating to other people: moving toward (compliance), moving against (hostility), and moving away (detachment). These behaviors lead to three basic orientations toward life: self-effacing solution (an appeal to be loved), self-expansive solution (an attempt at mastery), and resignation solution(desire to be free of others). Normal people resolve conflicts by balancing the three orientations whereas neurotics express one mode at a time at the expense of other aspects of their personality. What are the real self and ideal self and how are they different? How does this play out differently in normal and pathological individuals? -The real self is what we really are, true things about ourselves while the idealized self represents what we think we should be. The idealized self helps us develop our potential and achieve self-
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Psych 341-Ch.5&7 - Caitlin Dekker Psych 341 Sec. 1...

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