Chapter 11 - Chapter 11 Management Information Systems MIS...

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Chapter 11 Management Information Systems - MIS - A system used to collect, organize, and display information for workers and managers in an organization to support them in making decisions. Users of Information Systems in Organizations: The managers and some workers are users of information systems - draw a pyramid. executive managers middle managers supervisors information workers - analysts/programmers/accountants service workers - provide sales or services goods workers - assemble products Executive managers/senior managers - Responsible for long- range planning, setting the goals of an organization. Determining where new markets will be. Strategic planning or strategic decision making. What will the organization be doing in the next 5 years? Use information systems for decision support. middle managers - Responsible for designing strategies to achieve the goals formulated by executive managers. How to deploye the firm's human, physical, and financial resources. Tactical planning. Also use information systems for decision support - to help in evaluating different strategies. Supervisors - responsible for day-to-day operations. Schedule and monitor workers and processes. Use computers to assist with these tasks. information workers - programmers, systems analysts, accountants, writers, secretaries - use computers directly in their work - for word processing, calculations, program development. Kinds of Problems Solved by MIS
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Chapter 11 - Chapter 11 Management Information Systems MIS...

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