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Syllabus for Introduction to Microeconomics Summer 2011 Professor Jeffrey Rubin Office: NJ Hall Room 430 College Ave. Campus, 75 Hamilton Street Office Hours: Before and After Class By Appointment Email: Phone: 732-932-7452 220:102 Section B1 10:20 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. on Monday through Thursday Murray Hall Room 210 The first day of class is May 31, 2011. The final exam for this class is scheduled for Thursday July 7, 2011. (No class on July 4 th ) Please make your travel plans accordingly. I will not give the exam at any time other than the designated period. Text: Principles of Microeconomics , N. Gregory Mankiw, 6 th edition Study Guide , Hakes, 6th edition The book issue is somewhat confusing so let me explain. A new edition (6 th ) of the book has been released. You can buy a package that includes the hard copy of the book, study guide and an access code for Aplia, an online homework source plus a place to get slides that I use in the class. Alternatively, you can go to and enter the course code (see ‘resources’ in sakai for more information and code etc.). At the Aplia site, once registered, you will
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have access to an electronic version of the book and study guide. You will also find a set of powerpoints that form the basis for my lectures. Here’s where things get confusing: In Aplia they only have the 5 th edition of Aplia and the electronic book. The slides and the study guide in Aplia are for the 6 th edition. The good news is not that much changes between editions. Also, Aplia access with the electronic book is about $90 while the package from the bookstore is probably $170 to $180 (but then you have a hard copy that you can re-sell). So, you can choose either option; buy the package in the bookstore (but make sure you get the package for my section) or buy the online access. (If you had intro micro last term and used Aplia and are re-taking the class Aplia will provide access without making you pay again. You will have to let me know so I can set that up.) Pre- requisites: Pre-Calc is a prerequisite for this course. This course consists of four 115 minute lectures each week. Class meets Monday through Thursday beginning at 10:20 a.m. Murray Hall, Room 210. The lectures will present basic material in microeconomics, with an emphasis on the analytical techniques commonly used in economics. In Introduction to Microeconomics students will learn the meaning and relevance of basic economic concepts including opportunity costs, positive and normative economics, scarcity, tradeoffs, comparative advantage, marginal analysis, efficiency and equity, and market failure. Students will learn:
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Su2011Rubin102_B1 - Syllabus for Introduction to...

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