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1 RUTGERS UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS 01:220:375 Women in the Economy Fall 2011 Class Hours: Mondays and Thursdays, 11:30am – 12:50pm Classroom: Murray 211 Instructor: Professor Carolyn Moehling Office: 209B New Jersey Hall E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: Wed. 11:30am-12:30pm; Thurs. 9-10am; & by appointment (held in 209B NJ Hall) Course Description: This course is an upper-level Economics elective. We will explore how economic theory and analysis can be applied to examine gender differences in economic experiences. Although the readings and the lectures will focus on issues of gender, the broader objective of the course is to expose students to how economists use theory and data to study the world around us. This course is designed to promote two of the stated learning goals of the Economics Department: economic numeracy and economic citizenship. Learning Outcomes : Students will learn the following in this course: - the dimensions and extent of gender differences in labor market experiences and how these have changed over time. - empirical methods used to examine the sources of the gender differences in the labor market. - economic theories of discrimination in the labor market and empirical tests for the presence of discrimination. - economic models of household decision-making and labor supply. - how to interpret the results of linear regressions and distinguish between economic and statistical significance. Prerequisites: 01:220:320 Intermediate Microeconomics and 01:220:322 Econometrics. Method of Evaluation: Your course grade will be determined as follows: Midterm: Thursday, October 20 30% Final: Thursday, December 22, 12-3pm 35% Homework: 15% Group data project: Thursday, December 8 20% Attendance: You are responsible for the material covered in class and attendance is expected but not required. If you expect to miss one or two classes because of illness or a family emergency, please use the University absence reporting website https://sims.rutgers.edu/ssra/ to indicate the date and reason for your absence. An email is automatically sent to me. Homework: Over the course of the semester there will be three or four problem sets designed to reinforce the concepts discussed in class and prepare students for exams. Each problem set will have an
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2 announced due date. I encourage students to work together, but each student must turn in her or his own written assignment. All homework must be turned in at the beginning of class on the due date. Group Data Project: Students will work in groups of 3 or 4 to conduct an empirical analysis of a question related to gender issues in the economy. I will post a dataset on the course website (see below). Each group will define a question, formulate an empirical test to examine this question, and then carry
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