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Rutgers University Economics 01:220:362:01 ( Fall 2011 ) Comparative Economic Systems – Lower Level Elective Course Lectures: Wed ( 11:30 – 12:50pm ) and Fri ( 1:10 – 2:30pm ) (Campbell A5, CAC) Instructor: Dr. Basanta Chaudhuri e-mail: [email protected] Office: New Jersey Hall (NJH-425) Tel: 732-932-7363 (Dept Office) Office Hours: Wed 10 - 11am and Thurs 2 – 3pm IMPORTANT: Read this syllabus very carefully. You are responsible for all information and materials in it. Information on the Web: The Department of Economics maintains a comprehensive web site at http://economics.rutgers.edu . This should be your first stop for virtually all of your economics inquiries. On the web site you will find information about the major, job opportunities, career choices, the faculty, library resources, and internet resources. My web page is http://econweb.rutgers.edu/chaudhur . Log on to sakai for important info on the class, announcements, posted materials, grades, etc. Course Description Course Prerequisites This course focuses on the nature of different economic systems, different organizational structures/arrangements with varied policies in varied country settings, and impact of these organizational differences on resource allocation, income distribution and economic growth (i.e., focusing on efficiency, equity, growth, stability, and sustainability) in an institutions-systems-economic outcomes framework. Traditionally, the study of comparative economic systems has focused on a comparison of market economy and planned economy. The collapse of the Soviet and neighboring command economies and the process of transition to markets have broadened the focus of this field to include mixed systems and systemic change. The focus of this course will be: (i) the nature of economic systems; (ii) different economic systems (capitalism, planned socialism and market socialism); (iii) systemic change; (iv) the worldwide performance of different systems and the collapse of the command economies; (v) the process of transition and the performance during the 1990s (the first decade and beyond) and; (vi) assessment of transition and the performance of transition economies through 2010. Course Prerequisites
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This note was uploaded on 10/23/2011 for the course ECONOMICS 362 taught by Professor Chaudhuri during the Spring '11 term at Rutgers.

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Fall2011Chaudhuri362_01 - Rutgers University Economics...

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