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` DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS Summer Session I (May 31 – July 8, 2011) SYLLABUS Econ 200 Sec B6 (Room FH A6, Days: Tu,Th 6:00-9:40 pm) Instructor: DR. BASANTA K. CHAUDHURI OFFICE: NJH 425 Tel: (732) 932-7363 (Econ Dept Office for emergency needs only) Email: Office Hours: Tu, Th 4:30-5:30pm and by appointments IMPORTANT: Read this syllabus very carefully. You are responsible for all information and materials in it. I do not except any excuse of “ I didn’t know that ” nature. Information on the Web: The Department of Economics maintains a comprehensive web site at . My web page is The Department web page should be your first stop for virtually all of your economics inquiries. On the web site you will find information about the major, job opportunities, career choices, the faculty, library resources, and internet resources. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT : Final exams in the summer sessions are scheduled on the last day of lecture ( Thursday, July 7) . So if you cannot be in class at that time my advice would be to drop this course. I cannot make alternative arrangements and there is nobody available to proctor your exam at another time. Course Description This course is about economic principles (both microeconomic and macroeconomic issues) and problems. The purpose is to develop a logical, conceptual and analytical understanding of economic principles (both micro and macro) and to deal with problems associated with the allocation of resources, decisions taken by a consumer, production by firms and pricing in various market conditions, economic problems of aggregate output, unemployment and inflation, money and banking, and fiscal and monetary policies to stabilize an economy. Most of these concepts and problems will be discussed with reference to the American economy (contemporary and historical). Course Pre- or Co-requisite
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