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TO THE WRITER: Before peer-reviewing, write the following at the top of this paper : Your Name: Your Proposal Question/Statement: PEER REVIEWER: Annotated Bibliography : Circle YES/NO Each entry begins with a clear MLA citation that includes indentations on the 2 nd ,3 rd ,4 th lines ( please check other formatting with Cite Source ) YES NO There are FIVE entries in alphabetical order. YES NO There are a mix of popular (news and magazines), professional (business, government) and scholarly (academic) sources YES NO There are about ten lines for each entry that summarize the reading with specifics, and relate the reading to the writer’s own project. YES NO The research relates clearly to the project problem. YES NO The research helps to justify the problem. YES NO The research mentions models or plans for solving the problem. YES NO The AB is error free. YES NO COMMENTS: What area of research does the writer need more of? What has the writer
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Unformatted text preview: left unanswered? Questionnaire: Circle YES/NO • There is a brief introduction at the top of the questionnaire that tells the respondent why he/she is taking the survey. YES NO • Most questions are multiple choice or T/F. YES NO • You can imagine the questions and answers providing useful data to justify the proposal problem or to recommend a plan for the project named in the question/statement at the top of the page. YES NO • There are no “fluff” questions ( questions that are not meaningful ) YES NO • The questions show careful wording for sensitive material. YES NO • There is a logical order to the questions: first questions are more general and indirect, later ones more specific. YES NO • The format of the questionnaire is professional and easy to read. YES NO • The questionnaire is error-free. YES NO COMMENTS: Explain how your see this data being used in the project. If the use is not clear, please make a suggestion for improvement....
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