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Topic Group members Email of group member Grade school health educator Jennifer Len [email protected] Sharon Mathew [email protected] Priscilla Coffie-Owusu [email protected] Hellen Juarez [email protected] Diabetes health educator Juliana Acheampong [email protected] Diana Kissi [email protected] Sarah Adekola [email protected] Vanessa Ortiz [email protected] Community health educator Alexa Patti [email protected] Sonia Gupta [email protected] Krishna Patel [email protected] Saga Magzoub [email protected] Worksite health educator Raghar Prakash [email protected] Melinda Bersen b[email protected] Briana Cousins [email protected] Health care setting/hospita l health educator Maham Hasan [email protected] Arpita Bhagat
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Unformatted text preview: [email protected] Najmin Begum [email protected] Jessica Wasser [email protected] Public Health Agency health educator Riddhi Desai [email protected] Genevieve Estanislau [email protected] Chamerra Johnson [email protected] Cindy Stone [email protected] Non-profit voluntary health agency health educator Brandon Rogers [email protected] Sabrina Lauredent [email protected] Patricia B. Mkanvia [email protected] Elvira Tsague [email protected] Higher education health educator Jonathan Carrera [email protected] Madeha Shah [email protected] Saundra Session [email protected] Health Education Career Presentations Due October 4 th...
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