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BBMB 301 FALL 2007 EXAM #1 – 100 points -- September 14, 2007 Version A Name: _________ KEY_ ________________ Student ID: ________________________ Part A: Short Answer (40 points + Bonus) graded rather generously so the answers below may be more complete than those that were accepted 1. (4 points) Diagram or otherwise describe the basic features of the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology/Biochemistry that illustrates the flow of information in a cell. Transcription translation Replication DNA RNA protein 2. (6 points) Briefly describe the functions of 3 of the following structures found in a eukaryotic cell. CHOOSE ONLY 3 – 2 points each Nucleus – houses the DNA (genetic material); is the site of replication and transcription Golgi Apparatus – packages proteins; secretes cell waste products Chloroplast – site of photosynthesis; conversion of light energy into chemical energy (ATP) Mitochondrion – site of energy production or formation of ATP (glucose is not actually metabolized here) 3. (10 points) Define any 5 of the following terms. CHOOSE ONLY 5 – 2 points each Micelle -- an aggregate of molecules that has a polar region in contact with water and a nonpolar region water-free Amphiphilic molecules – molecules with a hydrophobic region and a hydrophilic region Affinity chromatography -- the specific binding properties of a protein is used to separate it Insulin – a protein hormone involved in the regulation of blood glucose levels. Two chains are held together by disulfide bonds Disulfide bond – bonds between cys residues (thiols react) Allosteric interactions -- change in conformational structure at one location of a multisubunit protein that causes a conformational change at another location on the protein 1
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4. (6 points) Name 3 of the following functional groups (CHOOSE ONLY 3 -- 2 points each) See Table 1.1, page 11 We also accepted the “class of compound” from column 1 O O a. –SH b. –OH c. –O- d. –C- H thiol or sulfhydryl hydroxyl ether carbonyl 5. (8 points) A buffer solution is prepared by mixing 0.05 mol of the sodium salt of the amino acid alanine with 0.1 mole of free alanine in water. The final volume is 1L. The equilibrium reaction is: double bonds pKa = 9.9 CH 3 CHCOO - CH 3 CHCOO - + H + + NH 3 NH 2 Alanine salt of alanine a) Name the acid in this reaction: (1 point) ________ alanine _____________ b) Name the conjugate base in this reaction: (1 point) _________ salt of alanine _______ c) Name the equation that you would use to determine the pH of the final solution: (2 points) Henderson-Hasselbalch d)
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Exam _1AKEY - BBMB 301 FALL 2007 EXAM #1 100 points -...

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