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540:201 PROGRESS REPORT Due: Monday, October 31, 2011 NOTE: These are general guidelines. Some of the projects have more of a “layout” focus rather than a “work sampling” focus and that is acceptable. Please modify your progress report accordingly. Guidelines: 1. Title of Project; Group Members 2. Problem Statement Choose the primary activity or event that you will study. Create a list of variables that could affect the results. Decide which variable your team will study and which you will control. The variable you study should have two levels (two conditions; there may be more, but you are being asked to decompose the conditions into two groups). 3. Assumptions (e.g. # of shifts per day, wage rates, etc.) 4. Proposed Solution Methodology Explain how you plan to organize your sampling effort to ensure your data will accurately reflect the conditions you are trying to characterize. Identify the operations analysis techniques; field studies; surveys; spreadsheets; time studies; work
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