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Syllabus for Math 4108, Abstract Algebra January 11, 2010 Instructor: Ernie Croot email: [email protected]/ ecroot Please resist the urge to email me unless it is absolutely necessary. Course Webpage: www.math.gatech.edu/ ecroot Click on the Math 4108 link from the main page. Ofce: 103 Skiles Ofce Hours: Tuesday 2:00 to 3:00, Wednesday 1:00-2:00. Class Meeting Times and Place: MW 3:05-4:25 in Skiles 243 Textbook: Herstein’s Topics in Algebra Grade: 20% for each of the Frst two midterms, 30% for homework, and 30% for the Fnal. Because this is an advanced class, so long as you turn in most of the
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Unformatted text preview: homeworks and show that you have made a sincere e±ort, I will give you at least a C (i.e. nobody fails unless they miss most of the classes and turn in very few HWs). Homeworks: Homeworks will be collected once every two weeks. Course Material: In this couse you will learn about the basics of Feld theory, ring theory, Galois Theory, the theory of modules, algebras, and possibly some other topics like category theory. Your text does not cover all of these in detail, so I may have to write up some handouts. 1...
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