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Syllabus for Math 4107, Abstract Algebra August 18, 2009 Instructor: Ernie Croot email: [email protected]/ ecroot Please resist the urge to email me unless it is absolutely necessary. Course Webpage: www.math.gatech.edu/ ecroot Click on the Math 4107 link from the main page. Ofce: 103 Skiles Ofce Hours: Monday 2:00 to 3:00, Wednesday 3:00-4:00. Class Meeting Times and Place: TR 4:35-5:55 in Skiles 169. Textbook: Herstein’s Topics in Algebra Grade: 20% for each of the Frst two midterms, 30% for homework, and 30% for the Fnal. Homeworks: Homeworks will be collected once every two weeks. Course Material: In this couse you will learn about the basic structures of higher mathematics, such as groups, rings, and Felds. Much of what you
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Unformatted text preview: will learn will be language, although there are a few very important theorems which we will encounter and prove, such as Lagrange’s theorem, isomorphism theorems, unique factorization of the integers, Euclidean algorithm, PID im-plies U±D, fundamental theorem of Fnitely generated abelian groups, and so on. The material in this course is signiFcantly more abstract than what you are used to dealing with, and for many of you it will pose a serious challenge. Thus, I encourage you to keep up with homeworks, attend o²ce hours, and read the text carefully. 1...
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