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HW.IV.1998 - m =-π h Hint Use an approach identical to the...

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AE 3003 Homework Set #4 Due on Wednesday December 2, 1998 1. The pressure distribution around a circular cylinder is given in equation 3.126 of the text. Integrate this pressure distribution to obtain an expression for the drag coefficient C d . Verify that the drag coefficient is zero. Hint: See pages 274-275 of text. 2. An airfoil has the following mean camber line shape: ) 1 ( 4 ) ( x hx x z - = Here h is a constant. The distances z and x have been non-dimensionalized by the chord. a) Show that the lift coefficient for this airfoil is given by C l = 2 πα + 4 π h b) Show that the lift coefficient at the aerodynamic center is given by: C
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Unformatted text preview: m = -π h Hint: Use an approach identical to the worked-out example 4.2 in the text. 3. Consider a symmetric airfoil, with a flap hinged at x= x f . This flap is deflected by an angle δ so that the camber line looks like the sketch below. Show that the lift generated by the flap deflection is given by: ( 29 [ ] ( 29 ( 29 σ δ π cos 1 2 1 : such that defined is where 1 cos sin 2 1 2 2 4 / ,-=-= +-= f c m l x C in C Hint: Use an approach similar to problem #2 above....
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