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hmwk 3 soln 2011 - in the system The 2.5 ft/100 ft will...

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Homework No. 3 EML 6417/EML4930 a. 25 1 25 collectors gpm/coll. tot.gpm from McQuay pipe sizer, 2 inch pipe b. total head loss 135 120 255 1.2 306 2.5 7.65 ft return ft supply tot D.L. fitt. Mult. equiv length, ft ft/100ft ft head loss assumed for pipe head loss and factor fittings you could use the 1.33 ft/100ft head loss for the 2 inch pipe with 25 gpm but the head loss factor will vary as you look at all the various piping
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Unformatted text preview: in the system. The 2.5 ft/100 ft will give you a conservative value to use. pipe loss collector tank air sep. total, ft head loss in circuit with greatest head loss 7.65 5.2 5 3 20.85 c. BHp= gpm*8.34* ft head/(33000* mech effic)= 0.2026678 Effic = 0.65 d. kWh/yr= Hp*0.75kW/Hp* 5hr/day*365 d/yr* $0.16/kWh/(0.92) = $48.24 per year...
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